Fruit Fear

So Grandma’s going to be ninety five years old in a few months and contracted the Corona virus at the memory care facility where she lives. Because of her age and other factors she was randomly chosen to receive an experimental treatment called monoclonal antibody which has proven effective in the treatment of Covid 19. Daisy and Celia (a retired RN) accepted the offer and made an appointment for the next day and prepared to make the twenty five mile drive to the Kaiser hospital where it would be administered. Much was required to protect them from the virus and when everything was in place they met at Grandma’s residence in full regalia, including hospital masks and shields, gowns, gloves, et al. They loaded Grandma into the car, rolled down the windows and sped down the freeway to the Hospital where they had the appointment. The doctors and nurses took Grandma in, examined her and instead of the antibody treatment advised grandma had taken a turn for the worse including severely diminished oxygen level, severe fatigue and worst of all pneumonia. They gave her Remdesivir, one of the medications successfully used to treat Donald Trump. She improved rapidly after the oxygen treatment and began to strengthen steadily after the Remdesivir application which was repeated the next day. Later on the second day she was much improved, breathing freely with a strong appetite and was taken back to her residence with a regimen of medication applications.

So the purpose of this diatribe is not necessarily to chronical Grandma’s physical condition, iron will and trust in God and daughters, which are formidable, but mainly to ask the question: How did she get to be 95 years old and tough enough to deal with what is described above?

A few years ago an old retired Marine called me from Oceanside with a plumbing problem.

“Do you offer a senior discount?” he queried.

“Yes, if you’re over 65 its 10%,” I replied

“Sixty Five?” he scoffed, “I’m ninety eight!”

“Ninety eight? Let me ask you a question: to what do you owe your longevity?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” he went on, “The only thing I do differently from anyone else is every morning I eat a banana.”

A year or two later a 96 year old woman called and I asked her the same question. She didn’t really have much to offer, but when I told her the Marine’s story, she said, “You know, come to think of it I’ve always eaten a banana almost every day.”

Not only has Grandma eaten bananas virtually every day, but also incorporates an abundance of fruit in her diet as well, which was also true of Grandpa who was a diabetic and lived to eighty six. In the enclosed Podcast Anthony William chronicles the importance of fresh fruit in our diets, even when we’re not choosing the healthiest foods in our daily regimens.


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