Chronic Dehydration

The past couple of years I’ve been building a following on Twitter. Last Friday they arbitrarily removed 15,000 of my 53,000 followers as punishment for not obediently believing their rhetorical propaganda and expressing my opposition to it among my followers. So, as is my nature, I went them one better…I bid them adieu and moved on. Upon due reflection I decided that perhaps I could use that time to be of service to my friends and family by sharing some of what I’ve learned about health and diet while overcoming a very difficult period of my life.

Most who know me have heard or learned of my endorsement of Anthony William the Medical Medium. Using his protocols Daisy and I have reversed serious health issues that conventional health practitioners couldn’t help us with. Many have adopted some of what we learned and improved their health issues as well.

Perhaps the most significant thing I’ve learned is that it’s a step by step procedure. No one can just completely change their dietary habits, unless of course they’re motivated by a serious health issue…even then, for most people its not possible. What is possible is to gradually replace bad choices with practices that benefit health and well being. Here’s a general outline of the procedure some of our friends and family have implemented.

L 16 oz. Celery Juice on an empty stomach every morning. This is the foundation upon which Anthony suggests to build a regimen. This alone will improve health immeasurably. In seven to ten days Daisy reversed a chronic condition which several health practitioners/doctors diagnosed and prescribed for ineffectively. Not able to eat anything acidic (tomatoes, citrus, onions, etc., in the aforementioned time she was eating jalapeno peppers (in my famous salsa, which includes garlic, ginger, onions & bell pepper).

2. The crowning jewel of his regimen is the five foods that remove toxic heavy metals from the body. Toxic heavy metals are the cause of anxiety and can be removed by consuming five key foods every day. This was my issue and I was able to completely reverse a debilitating condition in a relatively short period of time. The five foods are:

1. Wild Blueberries (not cultivated)

2. Barley Juice Powder

3. Atlantic Sea Vegetables (dulse)

4. Cilantro

5. Hawaiian Spirulina

Anthony has a smoothie that incorporates these ingredients, but they can also be mixed with juice in powder and/or pill form. He informs us Alzheimer is caused by mercury/aluminum/copper in the brain. Unfortunately, I didn’t have this information when I was administering to Conrad and before I developed the anxiety issue.

I listed these two protocols because they offer much protection for the body and are straightforward and fairly easy to implement. What is harder is eliminating foods that cause and feed these conditions. This takes time and a certain amount of will power to achieve. Of course a serious health issue is a motivating factor, which Daisy and I both had.

Supplements are easy, though, and can be added to as one progresses. To keep it simple, here are a few one can start with:

  1. Vitamin C (Anthony recommends “Micro C” from a company called Vimergy.
  2. Vitamin B12 (liquid form also available from Vimergy)
  3. Zinc (all humans are zinc deficient as its been depleted in our soil) Also available from Vimergy

Foods that feed viruses are primarily eggs, dairy products, gluten, corn (because its virtually all GMO) & soy products. Meat is not necessarily a virus feeder but is high in fat which burdens the liver (which protects & coordinated the entire bodily system).

The podcast I’ve forwarded is about dehydration which is critical to the body’s health and well being, regardless of the foods you consume. See below:

I’m sending this out to a random selection of family/friends. Anyone not wishing to receive further info please advise.

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