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Back Door Man

Slim talkin’…….. In 1970, when I was a student at "Ol Miss, BB King came to the school to play a gig and I was asked to shoot some photographs. I eagerly consented and when the appointed hour came I took a position in the orchestra pit and clicked off a dozen or so shots of BB doin’ his thing. At the conclusion of show, BB took a bow, then took a couple of steps forward, toward me, bent down... Read more

Me ’n’ Ol’ Waylon

The phone rang, Daisy answered it, hesitated while the caller spoke and replied, “Yeah, sure…just a minute.” She placed the caller on hold and said to me, “Your friend Ski (the late Danny Stepiewski, former professional heavyweight boxer and notorious practical joker) is on the phone.” “This is Gary,” I answered, picking up line 1. “This is Waylon Jennings,” the voice said, “I’ve been listening to some songs that Dean Kay gave me that you wrote.” I knew it wasn’t Ski; I’d heard Waylon’s speaking... Read more

Who Was That Guy?

Eric Bikales, AKA “The Kansas City Ripper,” was at the mall a few years ago, went by the music store and was checkin’ out the new Steinways. Sat down and was playin’ a little boogie/jazz/bluesy stuff, kind of ticklin’ the high keys, just messin’ around. Now Eric has toured and played sessions with The Pointer Sisters, Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers and many other top artists in the music business. Does some TV, radio and movie stuff and writes with me. But... Read more